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I am an ISTP and ID, You??

>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

little bit intermezzo....

Frankly, I'd like to know about my personality. So, sometimes i took a quiz about personality, or read about psychology books. There are two website that I'd like you to know, maybe it is useful for you to know more about your personality, there are:

1. http://www.mypersonality.info/
This website, using Meyer-Briggs method, which said that there are 16 types of personality. you can make badge here and put it on your website (or facebook. they have an application on facebook here's the link http://apps.facebook.com/mypersonality). There are 76 questions, if you take the test. if you find difficulties, because your English is poor (maybe, you can use google translator). Also, you can take a test about multiple intelligences. there are 80 questions here, so take your time :).

2. http://www.ipersonic.com/
this website has a simple test, just answer 4 question (every question only has 2 choices. HINT: if you already finish test on mypersonalty.info test, you can use here) However, they use a different term, like ISTP, for example, become an ID (individualistic Doer). Finally, you can put your result to your Facebook (likewise, this website do have an application on facebook. Here's the link http://www.facebook.com/iPersonic?ref=ts&sk=app_201143516562748 )

know your personality, know more about yourself, and it's fun to know yourself


Heroes: Para Pahlawan Pilihan

>> Monday, March 21, 2011

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to preserve and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles - Christopher Reeve

Since the beginning, I always like Kick Andy (even though, I don't regularly watch every week). But, Yes, Kick Andy is one of my favorite TV program. This TV program definitely broad your mind and see every problem with your heart. So, what's the relation between this book and Kick Andy? Well, some guests on Kick Andy were reviewed in this book. They are not famous, an ordinary people, who have strong will which, based on this book, become heroes.

There are six persons reviewed by this book. Each person contribute their life on different aspects. they are Sidik, Haji Agus Bambang Priyanto, Dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, Saekan, Dynand fariz, and Ciptono. Sidik, a man with no leg, become a successful entrepreneurship. Become a person who handicapped, Sidik didn't easily give up. He went to Jakarta, looking for a job. It is not easy for a handicapped man lives in Jakarta but he can manage it. Sidik can break all obstacle.

Another hero is Haji Agus Bambang Priyanto, a moslem who lives in Bali, He's one of person who saved Bomb Bali's victim. We all know that the suspect for Bomb Bali (and all terrorist bombing in Indonesia) were "stern" moslem. But Haji Agus is eager to help, and put aside race or belief the bomb victim. What in his mind is he try to save lives as many as he could. This can be a portrait that all moslems in Indonesia are not terroris.

The Third hero is Dr. Joserizal Jurnalis, a surgeon who become volunteer. he become a volunteer on Maluku, Aceh even in Afghanistan and Irak. Saekan, a simple man who become pioneer on reforesting slope on Mt. Willis. Dynand fariz, a pioneer of Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC). And the last hero is Ciptono, A teacher of handicapped (deaf, mute or autism) students.

Overall, this is a one good book. It reveals that becomes a hero, you don't have a super power or a lot of money. An ordinary person can become a hero if he has strong will to preserve and endure when facing an overwhelming obstacle. It could be anyone, It could be a driver, a pedicab driver, office boy, it could be journalist, or it could be YOU :).



Hi all...
welcome to my new blog :), this is the first time I want to write a blog. Frankly, I have a wordpress however I still want to make a new one ^_^. I write about a lot of stuff there (most of the are poetry, recently) and here, I want to write in English. At least I want to practice my english and my poor writing skill. Here, maybe it won't be different than my wordpress :). so, this is my first post. I'll post a new one as soon as possible. :) see ya!!


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