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Kick Andy Magazine (2nd Issue) and Free Sex

>> Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last week, I passed by a newspaper kiosk and one magazine shock me, Kick Andy magazine. With Black cover, and intriguing headline "Waspada Seks Bebas Mengancam Putra-Putri Anda!" (Beware, Free Sex Threaten Your Sons and Daughters). One thing that cross my mind, I must have it!! I never thought that Kick Andy will publish a magazine. Yesterday, when I walk to the kiosk. I'm wondering why they publish it in a magazine. For me, theres too much books from Kick Andy, even my friend said that by publishing this magazine they try to commercialize Kick Andy. Starting "Kick Andy: Kumpulan Kisah Inspiratif, Andy's corner: kumpulan curahan hati Andy Noya, Andy's Corner: Buku Kedua, Kick Andy: Kumpulan Kisah Inspiratif 2, Heroes, and 7 Heroes" (I bought them all, cause I like Kick Andy).
After I bought it, I little bit disappointed cause it was 2nd issue. I miss the first, I wish a have the 1st edition!!.

The contents itself are remind me with Reader's Digest. Both, Indeed it's very inspiring. However, the main article doesn't surprise me. I've watch Kick Andy when they broadcast the same topic ( they make it as an main article here, nothing new). However, a lot of inspiring articles inside so I won't disappointed that much. For example, Interview with Anies Baswedan, a man who willing to improve education in Indonesia, by forming "Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar" (Indonesia Teaching Movement). He's searching a young man/woman who eager to teach children in a remote area in Indonesia. Or, "Our Hero" article about Andi Suhandi, A 23 year old man, who eager to help street children. He create "Sanggar Matahari", a place where street children can learn just like their friends who have opportunity to go to school. Andi Suhandi , himself not  a rich man but he's willing to help these kids to get a better life. In "Reading Room" expose several books such as "Losing my Virginity: The autobiography", Garis Batas, 9 Summers 10 Autumns, and Shanghai Girls. In  "Kick Andy's top 10" counting the best vacation Spots In Indonesia. and still a lot more good article inside the magazine.

Still, the main point here is about Free sex, for me. This isn't something new for but yes, it is a serious threat. when the survey said that there's 62, 7 % Indonesian's teenager are not virgin and 21,2 % done an abortion. In my opinion it's must be bigger than that. I remember there were two case I find during my senior high school life. First, I was on my first year on senior high school (1997-1998).  When me and my friends (all of them are girls) talking about dating, boyfriend/girlfriend among your friends, it make you giggle. but, one of friend (let's call her, "E") think that the topic are filthy and not supposed to be to talk about/ taboo. And guess what??  When we had an mid-term exam, she was aborted her fetus and it happen in our school. Second, I was on second year, my friend said she found a letter which confess that the writer had already had sex with her boyfriend. when my friend gave her the letter, the owner of the letter was shock but she said nothing. Both case are happened more than 10 years ago, and in small city on eastern island of Indonesia. So, we can imagine what happened on teenager these days.

Most of causes of this phenomenon are parents. Based on the survey, first cause is Parents are not ready to be parents, it means they don't take a responsibility on their kid education and care. Parents think education are responsibility of teacher and care are responsibility of their baby sitter or maid. Second, parents are lack of awareness of technology's negative effect. Third, lack of parental assistance and care for children. Fourth, there small amount or maybe no education of sexuality from parents. and last, the absence of father figure.

I definitely agree if parents hold a crucial key to contend free sex among teenager. In my opinion, parents not only think by giving all material things that their kids need and want but also provide their kids with care and full attention. Parents not only think as a parent for their kids, but sometimes parents should be a friend for their kids. Parents definitely must know the positive and negative of technologies and their effect on their children. So, don't easily blame your kids if they do something wrong, see what's wrong on how you treat and raise them.


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