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The Art of Sign language (Indonesia Edition)

>> Monday, May 9, 2011

In the middle of 2006, I was amazed by my lecturer since he can speak in English, French, German, Chinese, and Japanese. In my opinion, mastering language are fun. not only  One day, when I'm on a public transportation, I saw a Girl moving her hands on front her driver. At first, I thought why she would bother her driver while on the street. A few minutes later, I realize she was using a sign language.

I found this book in the middle of January, it was first-publish on 2008. I think I definitely late to purchase one. I was browsing and found a site to learn sign language. Sad enough, I can't find website for anyone who eager to learn sign language. I found a website from brunei (http://www.japem.gov.bn/BIsyarat/Pilihan%20Biskita.htm). The site can guide you to learn sign language, however the obstacle is language, Bahasa Indonesia are different from Malay ( even though Bahasa Indonesia was based on malay).

The books help me to learn sign language. It good enough to be a basic to learn signal language. With 800 words for signal language, definitely fill up a beginner with decent knowledge of signal language. Unfortunately, The Indonesia edition has weakness on arranging the content. Probably, the publisher follow the original version. But, when in the Indonesia edition it's kinda mess. But, out of the messy arrangement, this book definitely help anyone who keen on learning signal language.


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