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Divine Cigarette: A solution for smoker??

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everybody know that smoking is hazardous, but a professor from Malang found a filter for a which can reduce the effect from smoking. Professor Sutiman Bambang Sumitro claims that "Divine Cigarette" modify the effect of hazardous substance from cigarette become a healthy one. Using Nano biology, a smoke from clove cigarette can be used for benefit of human health, maintain and improve crops."I thought, there was a reason behind a creation of clove cigarette. That is a cure for cough" said Prof Sutiman.

In addition, Divine smoke improve the growth of soybean sprouts and encourage faster growth and capable for being an electrons provider of electricity transfers to the system in normal physiological processes. According to Prof. Sutiman, Nano Biology also makes the smoke from clove cigarette into odorless and clean air make so very friendly for environment. "By using a Divine Filter, a smoker can smoke in an air conditioning room because the smoke is more friendlier" Said Prof Sutiman.

Although "Divine Filter" still not mass produced, there are daily demand from consumer. "At least 30 package a day and we use the proceeds to fund my research. It is one of his way to facing the controversy since smoking is hazardous. Another thing is, he didn't offer his research to company and did not using a marketing system.

Personally,  I think this is not like the other product which encourage people to stop from smoking (herbal cigarette or electric cigarette, for example). But if it can improve a life of a smoker, why not. It might worth to try.


Se7en Heroes: Andi Rabiah (part II)

>> Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Replacing Witch Doctor

It is not easy job for Andi Rabiah, she struggle not only with ocean, but also with some locals. Some of the locals still believe in witch doctor. Many times, she was rejected by locals. However, she doesn't give up to give her sincere and best service.

"I have ever called by someone to cure a treat a patient on a small island. By the time I got there, the patient refused me. so, how am I supposed to do?" said Andi Rabiah. She wasn't bore to introduce herself and her duty among locals. Slowly, but sure, with her magnificent patience, locals began aware. They began realize the importance of medical treatment.

By this point, Andi Rabiah's duty is getting hard and complicated. "Floating Nurse" always prepared for 24 hours a day to serve any patients who need her. From one island to another, by motor boat or row boat, she must across ocean more than a day. sometimes she struggling with big wave and storm. She come to anyone who need her help.

Alone, "Floating Nurse" successfully replace sacred position of witch doctor in the societies. Almost everyday, she picked by patient's relative from Sapuka to antoher island with motor boat or row boat. Sometimes, she must stay for days in patient's home. Andi Rabiah said "For me, it pointless if I cam there but didn't get any results".

Andi Rabiah wants to be a nurse when she was a kid. But, she didn't expect to become a " Floating Nurse". With a simple boat, for more than thirty years, this mother of four has been crossing the sea from one island to another. Her work area covered are on district and four village spread on 25 island on the border Flores Sea, Java Sea and Makassar Straits.

If the patient must be refer to the nearest hospital, Andi Rabiah assist the patient a long the journey. Patient who lives on western islands will be refer to Sumbawa or Lombok (NTB) and it'll take six hours. While patient who leaves on eastern island will be refer to Makassar which needs a day and a night to sail the sea with a small boat.

Andi Rabiah often meet a condition where she must serve a critical patient in a bad weather. If the patient cannot be refer to the nearest clinic. Andi Rabiah must face the unfriendly situation.Using a small boat, which also not decent enough, she couldn't stop praying a long the journey.

" It's hard to refer a patient to Pangkep, we have to go to Makassar. Besides, the journey takes more than 26 hours. I feel pity for patients from remote island who must be referred there. Most of them didn't familiar with the place and route. they don't know where to buy the medicine after getting the prescription. So, I have to assist them" Said "Floating Nurse" sincerely.

After floating for hours, with her patient, she continue her journey to hospital by public transportation or get a ride on a truck.Her families disagree is she stayed in Sapuka. Moreover, they assume that her husband was passed away by some sort of black magic which done by the local. But, she did not withdrawn. She still serve and struggle. It is her principle: go forward undettered and never give up even for a second.

(to be continue....)


Se7en Heroes: Andi Rabiah (part I)

>> Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Many people struggle with their life and yet sometimes, they care more to the others than themselves. With a sincere heart they eager to help everyone who need their help. Just like Andi Rabiah, a "floating nurse" who serve on a more than 25 remote islands throughout Flores Sea. Her story was written on "Se7en Heroes". A book which contains 7 heroes picked by "Kick Andy"

Andi Rabiah become a well known nurse after her story as a "Suster Apung"become one of the finalist of Eagle awards 2007 (Eagle awards is a contest which held by Metro TV for a documentary movie). Andi Rabiah also nominated as "Kick Andy Heroes" because of her dedication as a nurse, which sometimes concurrently be a courier, a midwife and a doctor

Andi Rabiah

Her face is calm and look sad. Even though burnt by sunlight, her face reveals a friendly charm to anyone who look at her. For the sake of hundreds, even thousands lives, Andi Rabiah always prepared to sail across the sea which bear a high risk. Death is the worst one. She sails to help locals on a remote island throughout 25 islands.

In march 6th 1979, Andi Rabiah was an eight-months-old-nurse. She was on her duty as a "Suster Apung" (floating nurse). One day, while on her duty, Andi Rabiah and several passengers was stranded on an uninhabited island after a storm crash the boat. They had to stay on Karangan Kapas for almost seven days.

One the sixth day, some people were desperate, they tried to consume poisonous things from the sea, while the others had a plan to swim to the nearest island. Both plans are risky. It might killed the passenger who try to execute those plans since they are weak and the weather were bad. Fortunately, on seventh day, they were found by local who look after for them. Locals know the accident by a turtle's skin which washed out by one of the passenger.

On the next years, Andi Rabiah had had enough with any obstacles she encounter during her duty. Leaking boats is a common problem, along with storm and unfriendly sea. But, she never give up or lose hope. She still devote and fight for the sake of people who need her.

She was called "Suster Apung" (Floating Nurse) since almost everyday for hours, even 2 days 2 night, Andi Rabiah sails to help anyone from a remote island who need her hands. Half of her age was spent to help local in remote island in Flores Sea, South Sulawesi

Andi Rabiah, "the floating nurse"

Since 31 years ago, she served in silence. When officials from Jakarta were busy with their campaign and boast on their success helping poor, Andi Rabiah struggle to help poor and locals in an areas where it's never covered by mass media. Sumanga, Saelo, satanga Kapoposan Bali, and Sapuka are ther remote islands which far the hustle bustle. a hustle bustle which created by government official who struggle to become a leader.

When the official "blabber" on mass media by talking nonsense, Andi Rabiah has give more than a half of her life for perpetual life of locals on remote island throughout Flores sea.

(to be continued.....)


Siami: Portrait of Honesty is Wrong Among "Sick" Community

>> Sunday, June 12, 2011

Siami and her husband, Widodo (Photo: Imam/Detik.com)

National Examination always become a Nightmare, here, in Indonesia. Not only for the students, but also the teachers. They afraid if their students fail the national exam, which mean their students must wait for another year to follow the next national exam. Teachers give their best effort to help their students. Unfortunately, not all of them give a good assist for their students. Some of them, teach their student to cheat weeks before the test hold. Or, some other sell the test question. But, how about if a mother reveals the "national test mass cheating" case on her son's school? and why her neighbors gets angry and repel this mom and her family??

Siami, mother of Al, a young student of SDN Gadel 2, Surabaya (Gadel 2 elementary school) who recently followed a national exam may be the example that being honest didn't get respect from society. Instead of being praise for her action, she was expelled from her home by her neighbors. The story began four days after national exam, when Siami was told by parents of Al's friend that Al giving answer to other his friends during the exam. At first, Al didn't say anything. but later, Al said that he was asked by his homeroom to cheat during exam by giving answers to his friends. This "mass cheating" was planned three months before the national exam.

Siami meets the principal of SDN GADEL 2 to clarify the case. However, the principal only apologize and it didn't satisfy Siami's curiosity. She's trying to find out whether the mass-cheating scheme was designed by school or by the homeroom. Siami meets school committee, she also didn't get a better answer. Last effort, she complain to Education Department. This is the beginning when the case become known by public.

Unfortunately, parents from other student's getting angry. They demand Siami and her family asking for apologize. On a meeting between Siami and other parents, things are getting rough. Society defend Sukatman, Al's homeroom and blame Siami and her family. They cast out Siami and her family. Siami ask for apologize, still community expell her from their neighborhood. Later, Siami and her family move to Solo. She can't bear the pressure from the society.

Many people who know this news support Siami. Even, leader Nu and Muhammadiyah support Siami and regret the act of society who against Siami. Bagong Suyanto, sociologist from Airlangga University, said that Siami and society who confront Siami are victim of national exam. Both of them are fear of national exam.

Big salute for Siami. She doesn't want to be a hero. As a parent, she just don't want to her children have a bad habit. Well, what's wrong to teach our kids for being honest?? Public should know that if they let their kids cheat from the early age, they could be done worst when they grow. If society think cheating just a "common" mistake among kids. Well, it's a bad idea, how about if they, later, not being honest?? Not only in front of public, but also in front you, as his/her parents?? We should be glad that there's person like Siami who fight for the truth and honesty. Why you must hate her when she done something right? And for the teacher, care and hoping the best for your student is a must. But that doesn't mean to teach them doing something wrong?? Isn't supposed teacher teach good things? you want to teach them to be a better person, a person who have a good education, mental and moral. But how come you teach them to cheat?? You're not teaching bad thing to our next generation, aren't you??



Kick Andy Magazine (2nd Issue) and Free Sex

>> Thursday, June 9, 2011

Last week, I passed by a newspaper kiosk and one magazine shock me, Kick Andy magazine. With Black cover, and intriguing headline "Waspada Seks Bebas Mengancam Putra-Putri Anda!" (Beware, Free Sex Threaten Your Sons and Daughters). One thing that cross my mind, I must have it!! I never thought that Kick Andy will publish a magazine. Yesterday, when I walk to the kiosk. I'm wondering why they publish it in a magazine. For me, theres too much books from Kick Andy, even my friend said that by publishing this magazine they try to commercialize Kick Andy. Starting "Kick Andy: Kumpulan Kisah Inspiratif, Andy's corner: kumpulan curahan hati Andy Noya, Andy's Corner: Buku Kedua, Kick Andy: Kumpulan Kisah Inspiratif 2, Heroes, and 7 Heroes" (I bought them all, cause I like Kick Andy).
After I bought it, I little bit disappointed cause it was 2nd issue. I miss the first, I wish a have the 1st edition!!.

The contents itself are remind me with Reader's Digest. Both, Indeed it's very inspiring. However, the main article doesn't surprise me. I've watch Kick Andy when they broadcast the same topic ( they make it as an main article here, nothing new). However, a lot of inspiring articles inside so I won't disappointed that much. For example, Interview with Anies Baswedan, a man who willing to improve education in Indonesia, by forming "Gerakan Indonesia Mengajar" (Indonesia Teaching Movement). He's searching a young man/woman who eager to teach children in a remote area in Indonesia. Or, "Our Hero" article about Andi Suhandi, A 23 year old man, who eager to help street children. He create "Sanggar Matahari", a place where street children can learn just like their friends who have opportunity to go to school. Andi Suhandi , himself not  a rich man but he's willing to help these kids to get a better life. In "Reading Room" expose several books such as "Losing my Virginity: The autobiography", Garis Batas, 9 Summers 10 Autumns, and Shanghai Girls. In  "Kick Andy's top 10" counting the best vacation Spots In Indonesia. and still a lot more good article inside the magazine.

Still, the main point here is about Free sex, for me. This isn't something new for but yes, it is a serious threat. when the survey said that there's 62, 7 % Indonesian's teenager are not virgin and 21,2 % done an abortion. In my opinion it's must be bigger than that. I remember there were two case I find during my senior high school life. First, I was on my first year on senior high school (1997-1998).  When me and my friends (all of them are girls) talking about dating, boyfriend/girlfriend among your friends, it make you giggle. but, one of friend (let's call her, "E") think that the topic are filthy and not supposed to be to talk about/ taboo. And guess what??  When we had an mid-term exam, she was aborted her fetus and it happen in our school. Second, I was on second year, my friend said she found a letter which confess that the writer had already had sex with her boyfriend. when my friend gave her the letter, the owner of the letter was shock but she said nothing. Both case are happened more than 10 years ago, and in small city on eastern island of Indonesia. So, we can imagine what happened on teenager these days.

Most of causes of this phenomenon are parents. Based on the survey, first cause is Parents are not ready to be parents, it means they don't take a responsibility on their kid education and care. Parents think education are responsibility of teacher and care are responsibility of their baby sitter or maid. Second, parents are lack of awareness of technology's negative effect. Third, lack of parental assistance and care for children. Fourth, there small amount or maybe no education of sexuality from parents. and last, the absence of father figure.

I definitely agree if parents hold a crucial key to contend free sex among teenager. In my opinion, parents not only think by giving all material things that their kids need and want but also provide their kids with care and full attention. Parents not only think as a parent for their kids, but sometimes parents should be a friend for their kids. Parents definitely must know the positive and negative of technologies and their effect on their children. So, don't easily blame your kids if they do something wrong, see what's wrong on how you treat and raise them.


From Paris With Love (2010)

>> Wednesday, June 1, 2011

 From Paris with Love

"From Paris with Love" was released on 2010. It tells about a personal aide to the Ambassador in France, James Reese (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), who actually is a low-agent operative of CIA. He wants to be a higher level agents. Later, Reese was assigned to accompany Charlie Wax (John Travolta), a special agent, along his mission in France. Starting from, releasing Charlie from the airport to assist Charlie on assaulting a Chinese restaurant, Reese was dragged into a mission with full action which he was doubt since Charlie aren't working like Reese think. In the end of his mission, Charlie reveals that Pakistani terrorist was behind this scheme. Charlie and Reese learn that the terrorists plan to infiltrate the U.S. Embassy.

Later, Reese learns that the terrorists are planning to bomb a summit meeting. He also discovers that his fiancee, Caroline is an agent who was assigned to spy on Reese. Caroline shot Reese on his shoulder when her real identity revealed and runs from Charlie. After Reese receive a phone call from Caroline, Reese and Charlie were able to locate Caroline. Charlie pursuit Caroline on a highway while Reese stay in the apartment. Later, Reese reveals that  Caroline attempt to explode herself on Summit Congress. by phone, Reese said that Caroline is not a car which Charlie pursuit. However, Charlie still blow the car since it try to hit  USA delegation cars.

Reese finds Caroline at the summit and he persuade Caroline. Unfortunately, Caroline wants to detonate her vest anyway. Reese stop Caroline by shot her forehead.

 Overall, The movie was great lots of action, less drama. Travolta plays good here. Though, some of my friends said this movie contains propaganda. But, all I can say, its great outside of that Charlie is too perfect as an agent. The music score are nice too, you feel like you're in Paris. It's good...It's Good. ^_^


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