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Divine Cigarette: A solution for smoker??

>> Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everybody know that smoking is hazardous, but a professor from Malang found a filter for a which can reduce the effect from smoking. Professor Sutiman Bambang Sumitro claims that "Divine Cigarette" modify the effect of hazardous substance from cigarette become a healthy one. Using Nano biology, a smoke from clove cigarette can be used for benefit of human health, maintain and improve crops."I thought, there was a reason behind a creation of clove cigarette. That is a cure for cough" said Prof Sutiman.

In addition, Divine smoke improve the growth of soybean sprouts and encourage faster growth and capable for being an electrons provider of electricity transfers to the system in normal physiological processes. According to Prof. Sutiman, Nano Biology also makes the smoke from clove cigarette into odorless and clean air make so very friendly for environment. "By using a Divine Filter, a smoker can smoke in an air conditioning room because the smoke is more friendlier" Said Prof Sutiman.

Although "Divine Filter" still not mass produced, there are daily demand from consumer. "At least 30 package a day and we use the proceeds to fund my research. It is one of his way to facing the controversy since smoking is hazardous. Another thing is, he didn't offer his research to company and did not using a marketing system.

Personally,  I think this is not like the other product which encourage people to stop from smoking (herbal cigarette or electric cigarette, for example). But if it can improve a life of a smoker, why not. It might worth to try.


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