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Se7en Heroes: Andi Rabiah (part III)

>> Monday, October 17, 2011

Andi Rabiah or "Floating Nurse" as a model of a telecommunication advertisement

Always Longed by Community

Satisfaction that can never be replaced is when Andi rabiah know her patients who were treated back to health. Her services as a nun who is ready 24 hours make it always missed by the families of patients. her attendance always missed by locals in every island. "If I served on land or in the city, maybe my service and knowledge for the community are not so necessary because there are a lot of medical workers. Therefore, I want to remain on duty on the island" Said Andi Rabiah, who has been widow since 1990.

Andi Rabiah was born in June 29 1957 in Siger, Districk Pangkajene Kepulauan (Pangkep). After graduate for Junior High school she continued her school in Penjenang Kesehatan (PK) a medical school which same level as senior high school. accepted in 1975 and graduated in 1976. after graduate from PK, on April 1977, She became a civil servant in government clinic Liukang Tangaya, Saputan Island, subdistrict Liukang Tangaya, District Pangkep. Andi knows the medical world of her grandmother. Graduate from junior high school, she was determined to follow her grandmother's footsteps became the first medical personnel at her village.

Her husband is the head of the clinic on the island sapuka. when her husband died, people worried Andy Rabiah would leave the island. Locals begged to Andi Rabiah so she would not to move. "Floating nurse" is familiar with locals on remote islands. For the sake of their duties, Andi Rabiah must entrust their children from childhood to her relatives in Pangkep. "I often leave my youngest kids since he was eight months old. I'd have to entrust him and leave him for my duty for three to six months" Said Andi Rabiah.

Her salary is 1,7 milion Rupiahs (192.787 USD) per month. She used her salary for her kids need. Her needs is already fulfilled. in fact, because her hard work as a nurse, Andi Rabiah had twice pilgrimage, the first in 1993. then, the second pilgrims was done a year later when she appointed as health officer for pilgrims.

(To be continued....)


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