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Hidup itu Indah (Life is Beautiful)

>> Sunday, December 18, 2011

Several months age,  I saw a promotional poster of a book. the title of the book is "Hidup itu Indah" (Life is Beautifu)l. With a picture of a three moslem man on a bike arguing with the police by asking "breaking the rules?? on what verse? on what hadith ?? (definitely they breaking the rules by not using helmet and riding a motorcycle for three). After saw it for several times, I was intrigued to read it.

"Hidup itu Indah" is a collection of comics (part of them you can find it here ) from Aji Prasetyo. Most of them expressing the opinion of the author based on current situation in Indonesia (for example, reality show, which is not a real "reality show", so why use that "label" if it based on script?? or maybe about religion, which might offend some community, which is that the fact, Aji just want to express his opinion in a "better" manner). topic about religion, media, politics and history are covered here and Aji "peel" it smartly. It might not completely covered here, but most of them has a value to emphasize

My favorite part is chapter 2 "Komoditi itu bernama agama" (commodity called religion). Where on "Satan Sued", Satan complained for what human do. Humans do bad thing in the name of God. They do bad things in the name of religion (in this book was majority "attacking" moslem, well it can be deniable since majority people in Indonesia were moslem). Religion become an attire, a mask, for people destruct something that they said it is wrong). 

Chapter 3 told about the influence of mass media in Indonesia, again still related with religion, but also about culture. For example, West (USA and Europe) are the standard of modern,and what comes from middle east are the standard of pious, while Indonesian's culture are stupid and infidel.
I was worry after reading the book, as the author offend certain circles. If it about politics, it is okay since reform made Indonesian have right to express their opinion (compared to Soeharto's regime). But when talk about religion, well it risky since most of the topic are about the religion who have a lot of followers in Indonesia. But again, I was impressed on Aji's way to express his thought. In my opinion, he's trying to express what he saw and feel honestly and based on fact (though, again, it seems attacking certain circle). last words?? it's cool and completely brave!!!!! salute for Aji!!!


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