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Sunshine Award

>> Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's kinda personal, due the favor from my friend but i like to reply it (at least, i want to repay her kindness since still mention me :) )

It is Sunshine award, just answer some questions and complete some conditions. thanks buat simbok who tag me

the conditions are:

1. Put the sunshine award pict: check

2. Say thanks to blogger who tag you: Thank you, mbok :) i have no idea what it is but i think it is kinda fun lolz

3. Answer 10 questions below: sure

4. Tag to 10 bloggers you think are cool: hmmm...kinda hard but i'll try :D

5. Notify the blogger that the get the Sunshine award: okay

So, these are the questions:

1. Favorite colors: Black and dark blue, like navy blue...black is mysterious and unpredictable, while blue more soothing

2. Favorite pet: Puppy, they're cute and loyal :P

3. Favorite Numbers: hmm mostly odd one, i like 3, 7, 31 and 10

4. Favorite beverages: tea, milk, lychee and banana juice and avocado juice and mostly, mineral water

5. Facebook or twitter: Facebook, got games there

6. Passion: hmm..that is though one, i love drawing and playing games

7. Giving gift or received gift: both....but seldom to do that

8. Favorite activity: sleeping

9.  Favorite day: everyday,....as long as you can breath when you wake up, that will be my favorite day lol

10. Favorite flowers: flowers?? err not fond of them but tulips are kinda nice to watch :)

and now I'll tag to other blogger (whom i think cool) :). that would be asha, and ying


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