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Arifinto: A man in the right place, right time, wrong action.

>> Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the past few days, another sensation occurs in Indonesia. After Briptu Kamaru and his Lip Sync action, now about parliament member. But this one brings bad effect on parliament member. Arifinto, a member parliament from PKS (Partai Keadilan Sejahtera/Prosperous Justice Party) watching a porn movie from his tablet while on plenary meeting. A journalist took a shot while Arifinto watching a porn content from his tablet. Few days later, news about parliament member watching a porn content exposed in Indonesia. Arifinto admit that he's the one who's on the picture. He said a link was sent to him, and he click it. He watched the video for several seconds then he close it. On Monday (4/11/2011), he resign as parliament member.

Arifinto definitely doing a wrong act. He's adding another minus points for parliament member in the eye of Indonesian citizen. Watching a porn content on a plenary meeting is a big mistake (Sleeping too). If it discuss about Indonesian people, parliament member must pay attention and give their opinion about the topic. Instead of listening, most of them usually absence or sleeping. So no wonder if former President, Gus Dur, Said that parliament member are kids from kindergarten. I agree with that. They said they were educated yet act like thug. We may remember theres a fight between parliament members (So wheres the educated manner, "democracy" and belief in "deliberation for agreement"?).

This also a direct blow for Tifatul Sembiring, minister of communication and information. He's the one ordered to block porn website. Unfortunately, his colleague from the same party watching a porn content. Well, I presume his decision to block all porn sites are not effective enough.

But, I raise my hat for Arifinto. First, he's a parliament member and he attend the plenary meeting (however, it went wrong). Second, Arifinto admit that he's the parliament member who watch the porn content. Finally, he resign as parliament member, yet still serve his party. Maybe another parliament members need to follow his way. Just like in Japan, when Minister of Foreign Affair, Seiji Maehara, resign and admit that he received a campaign fund donation from foreigner.

I just wonder, if Arifinto stay focused on plenary meeting, do his job as our representatives and didn't use his tablet. Maybe he still a parliament member now. But one single click ruins his career. I hope you learn a lesson from there, Sir.


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