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Siami: Portrait of Honesty is Wrong Among "Sick" Community

>> Sunday, June 12, 2011

Siami and her husband, Widodo (Photo: Imam/Detik.com)

National Examination always become a Nightmare, here, in Indonesia. Not only for the students, but also the teachers. They afraid if their students fail the national exam, which mean their students must wait for another year to follow the next national exam. Teachers give their best effort to help their students. Unfortunately, not all of them give a good assist for their students. Some of them, teach their student to cheat weeks before the test hold. Or, some other sell the test question. But, how about if a mother reveals the "national test mass cheating" case on her son's school? and why her neighbors gets angry and repel this mom and her family??

Siami, mother of Al, a young student of SDN Gadel 2, Surabaya (Gadel 2 elementary school) who recently followed a national exam may be the example that being honest didn't get respect from society. Instead of being praise for her action, she was expelled from her home by her neighbors. The story began four days after national exam, when Siami was told by parents of Al's friend that Al giving answer to other his friends during the exam. At first, Al didn't say anything. but later, Al said that he was asked by his homeroom to cheat during exam by giving answers to his friends. This "mass cheating" was planned three months before the national exam.

Siami meets the principal of SDN GADEL 2 to clarify the case. However, the principal only apologize and it didn't satisfy Siami's curiosity. She's trying to find out whether the mass-cheating scheme was designed by school or by the homeroom. Siami meets school committee, she also didn't get a better answer. Last effort, she complain to Education Department. This is the beginning when the case become known by public.

Unfortunately, parents from other student's getting angry. They demand Siami and her family asking for apologize. On a meeting between Siami and other parents, things are getting rough. Society defend Sukatman, Al's homeroom and blame Siami and her family. They cast out Siami and her family. Siami ask for apologize, still community expell her from their neighborhood. Later, Siami and her family move to Solo. She can't bear the pressure from the society.

Many people who know this news support Siami. Even, leader Nu and Muhammadiyah support Siami and regret the act of society who against Siami. Bagong Suyanto, sociologist from Airlangga University, said that Siami and society who confront Siami are victim of national exam. Both of them are fear of national exam.

Big salute for Siami. She doesn't want to be a hero. As a parent, she just don't want to her children have a bad habit. Well, what's wrong to teach our kids for being honest?? Public should know that if they let their kids cheat from the early age, they could be done worst when they grow. If society think cheating just a "common" mistake among kids. Well, it's a bad idea, how about if they, later, not being honest?? Not only in front of public, but also in front you, as his/her parents?? We should be glad that there's person like Siami who fight for the truth and honesty. Why you must hate her when she done something right? And for the teacher, care and hoping the best for your student is a must. But that doesn't mean to teach them doing something wrong?? Isn't supposed teacher teach good things? you want to teach them to be a better person, a person who have a good education, mental and moral. But how come you teach them to cheat?? You're not teaching bad thing to our next generation, aren't you??



nanabrownies June 19, 2011 at 5:30 PM  

wonder why Siami asked appologize to her neighbor as she knw that she stay in the right side?

Noe June 20, 2011 at 12:26 PM  

afraid hate by the community maybe, you know sort of more people on your side, there's a chance that you'll win. or sort of when there are two cars collide, the angrier driver, there's more chance he'll win (even though, he is the on who wrong). isn't this thing become common in Indonesia?? :/

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